RE-DO HAIR TRANSPLANT: Do it Once, Do it Right! Corrective procedure is more difficult than nascent

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(We have started getting more than we could imagine and handle “Regret Hair Transplantation” cases! 
These cases are typically

1) Unnatural looks

2) Unnatural hair line position

3) Recognisable “Hair Jobs”

4) Progressive baldness with bald “halo” around the new fake looking hair

5) Abnormal temple points and unnatural angle, direction and “curl” of the hair.

It is always difficult to fix these cases, most of them have gone to some extent in depression and social recluse. Their initial enthusiasm has turned into Regrets.

In last 1 year, we must have done more than 100 repair cases, and we do fear handling these cases for many reasons. The most important being, these are Difficult to do! Extracting the grown hair from the the frontal area and then ensuring an invisible scar on the face is very very challenging. And on pigmented skins along with the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, it is much more challenging and difficult to take the responsibility of a great outcome on the “FRONTAL” donor area! 
We pray, patients do a long research and “Do it Once, but Do it Right!”